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Our Mission is to unite the efforts of members toward individual development.

To achieve our goals, we provide a Code of Ethics, Rules of Conduct, Education Courses, Seminars, Idea Forums, and a Program of Professional Development.


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Relax & Enjoy

Luncheons are great way to meet and speak with the Right of Way professionals within Chapter 27 Region.

Our Luncheons have Speakers or Special Guest talk about Current or Past Projects, Current Events and Special Topics within our Business Profession.


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Expand Your Mind

The IRWA has various courses which comprise a core curriculum and serve a variety of professional needs within seven basic disciplines.

The easiest way to register for a course for Chapter 27 is to click the EDUCATION tab and FIND A CLASS for the specific course you are seeking.
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  • President's Message

    Dear Chapter 27 Members:


    As your incoming Chapter 27 President, I’d like to thank each of you for choosing me to lead the Chapter this year.  It is an honor that I don’t take lightly.  Chapter 27 is a successful Chapter driven by a strong Education Program.  Chapter 27 is also a very diverse Chapter with membership from local utilities, city, county, state, and Federal agencies, and strong membership support from private consulting firms in part (no doubt) due to Sacramento being the capital of the sixth largest economy of the world.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve the Chapter and its members as we embark on what I’m positive will be another successful year. 


    In June, I attended my first IRWA Education Conference in Anchorage, Alaska.  At the Conference I was amazed at the amount membership participation at the Chapter, Region and International levels.  Dozens of local Chapter volunteers worked behind the scenes to make things happen seamlessly.  Chapters from around the country competed to host the 2022 Conference (congratulations to Cleveland for winning the honor).  Region 1 members ran for the Secretary opening, and a vote was held to elect the new Secretary.  At the annual meeting, the IRWA governing board voted approve minutes that dissolved the Pittsburgh Chapter.


    These events each help crystalize my belief that membership participation is paramount to the success of the IRWA at International, the Regional, and each Chapter.  The continued success of Chapter 27 depends on our ability to continue to cultivate membership interest and active participation.  As a Chapter, each member can play a part, those of us on a Board or committee should be participating in succession planning and looking for new talent.  We should all be recruiting additional members at work and through our professional relationships. 


    Membership and membership participation will be a focus during my term as Chapter 27 President.  I plan to work with the Board to increase incentives for membership participation.  Another goal is to engage Headquarters to help lobby State and Federal agencies to recognize the value of membership and certifications and reimburse membership costs. 


    Membership participation comes in many ways.  You can recommend a speaker, or volunteer to speak at a luncheon, attend an extra luncheon this year, volunteer as a committee member, run for a seat on the Executive Board, recruit a coworker, help organize an event, coordinate a class, etc.  When we all contribute Chapter 27 and all members benefit.



    Linus. A. Paulus

    CH 27 President



IRWA Chapter 27

Serving the Sacramento Region
Right of Way Profession since 1959!


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