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C209 Negotiating Effectively with a Diverse Clientele

From Thursday 17 May 2018 -  08:00am
To Friday 18 May 2018 - 05:00pm
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Course 209 Negotiating Effectively with a Diverse Clientele in Sacramento, CA
5/17/2018 - 5/18/2018 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Course Description:
This course explores the processes, dynamics, challenges and opportunities involved when negotiating with a diverse clientele, with the goal of maximizing each participant's personal negotiating power and effectiveness. Participants will increase their cultural awareness and sensitivity, gain awareness of different negotiation styles, learn intercultural communication skills for resolving conflicts and will be exposed to collaborative negotiation for reaching mutually satisfying agreements with people of diverse backgrounds. Participants will also gain a greater understanding of the causes and roots of misinterpretation, which can cause cultural collisions due to factors such as: the dynamics of communication, behavioral prescriptions, assumptions, perceptions, values, reasoning styles, attitudes, language, social relations, ethnocentrism, ambiguity, orientations and patterns, formality, emotion, different values, attitudes and reasoning styles and their relationships to communication and negotiation.

Instructor: Carol L. Brooks
Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA is the Owner of Cornerstone Management Skills, and internationally recognized and award winning author and trainer. She is a Certified CLIMB Lead Instructor with the IRWA and began teaching in 2002. With over 15-yrs experience in public utilities and local public agencies, her expertise includes: Easement and land acquisition, negotiations, easement valuation, permitting, easement law, project management, and eminent domain support. Ms. Brooks is the Vice Chair of the IRWA's P.I.P.E. (Partnership Infrastructure Professional Education) chartered to mentor and groom current and new instructors. She is the VEIT Instructor for C213 and C100. She also wrote the VEIT C100 and Classroom C100 manuals. She is the contributing course writer/editor for Crown College, MN for their business course offerings in China. She is a contributor to ROW Magazine, featuring articles on effective communication skills, communication etiquette, teambuilding management, and the art of negotiations. Ms. Brooks' column entitled, Back to Basics was featured in ROW Magazine from 2010-2014. She is the recipient of the Louise L. & Y. T. Lum Award for distinguished contribution to education for the r/w professional. She is also the proud recipient of the Mark A. Green Award for Journalistic Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the ROW Magazine. She is a frequent workshop speaker at the IRWA's annual conference. She is a coach/mentor at a local state university for real estate and business majors. She has said, "R/W Professionals exemplify the public good and I want them to have all the communication tools to become the best they can be, and serve our citizens in an exemplary manner." Ms. Brooks presents relevant communication and negotiation techniques in a humorous and engaging way. Her goal is to create critical thinkers in the classroom and prepare the participant to return to the job better than when they arrived on the first day of class.
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