Professional Development

IRWA Professional Development

IRWA offers over 50 educational courses covering all phases of the right of way profession. The curriculum includes courses in Law, Engineering, Appraisal, Management and Supervision, Communications/Negotiations, Relocation Assistance, Land Titles, Property Management, Negotiations, and the Environment.

Seminars - Local Chapters on Hot topics and Current Events.

Textbooks - IRWA Educational Publications cover real estate law, appraisal, engineering and negotiations.

Professional Designation/Certification - The Association certifies members who fulfill the requirements of experience, education and examination by granting the respected certification or designation.

Annual Education Conference - Come face-to-face with leading right of way companies and gain a variety of networking opportunities. Visit IRWAONLINE.ORG and click on the Annual Conference tab for the upcoming annual Conference.

Right of Way Magazine - Publication includes technical articles in the right of way field, special features and news of the Association and its members.

Local Chapter Programs - Each of the approximately 80 chapters holds local educational meetings in addition to sponsoring IRWA courses.

Committee Activities - Committees provide opportunities for the members to exchange ideas in specific right of way disciplines.

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