IRWA Professional Development

IRWA offers over 50 educational courses covering all phases of the right of way profession. The curriculum includes courses in Law, Engineering, Appraisal, Management and Supervision, Communications/Negotiations, Relocation Assistance, Land Titles, Property Management, Negotiations, and the Environment.

Seminars - Local Chapters on Hot topics and Current Events.

Textbooks - IRWA Educational Publications cover real estate law, appraisal, engineering and negotiations.

Professional Designation/Certification - The Association certifies members who fulfill the requirements of experience, education and examination by granting the respected certification or designation.

Annual Education Conference - Come face-to-face with leading right of way companies and gain a variety of networking opportunities. Visit IRWAONLINE.ORG and click on the Annual Conference tab for the upcoming annual Conference.

Right of Way Magazine - Publication includes technical articles in the right of way field, special features and news of the Association and its members.

Local Chapter Programs - Each of the approximately 80 chapters holds local educational meetings in addition to sponsoring IRWA courses.

Committee Activities - Committees provide opportunities for the members to exchange ideas in specific right of way disciplines.

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